Two children looking in awe at how much weight a plastic bag can hold during an experiment set up
Class 3 children all looking in the same direction at Harlow Carr to observe plants which help make the planet greener
Two pupils sat on a bench at Harlow Carr drawing scientific sketches of plants
A scientific sketch of the plants the pupils were observing
A class 3 child closely observing a plant at Harlow Carr

This week, we visited Harlow Carr to learn more about our Science topic - Plants! 

In the morning, we explored the teaching garden. We drew some scientific sketches of different plants and labelled the different parts. We also looked closely to see whether we could observe any seeds on the plant, and discussed how they might be dispersed. 

Following this we used the plant names to create acrostic poems related to the garden. We enjoyed using the garden as inspiration for our writing.

After lunch, we participated in the Planting for the Planet workshop. We learned how plants can help us with being more green for the planet, for example compostable bags made from potato starch. We set up an experiment to test the strength of regular plastic bags against compostable bags. The children worked scientifically to set up fair tests and ensure their experiments were accurate and reliable.

We then went to the green house where children planted some seeds in plant pots to bring back to school. The seeds will grow into green manure - a sustainable and green source of fertiliser which we hope to plant in the school allotment and use for many years.

Finally, we explored Harlow Carr and everything they do to help the planet, from buildings, to their variety of plants.

Everybody had a great day learning more about plants and why they are so important.