Zoe Pickard Heateacher

Goldsborough Church of England Primary School (VC) is a popular, inclusive, rural school situated in an idyllic location in the village of Goldsborough, close to Knaresborough.

Our school is an important part of the community, maintaining close links with the parishioners, particularly through our planned events with Reverend Stroma McDermott (the Team Vicar) and Reverend Garry Hinchcliffe (the Team Rector), both of whom are key figures in school representing St. Mary The Virgin – the church which stands at the heart of Goldsborough village.

As part of the Goldsborough Sicklinghall Federation, we are able to access many exciting opportunities for collaboration for both the children and staff. We are proud of our Christian Values and the way we use these as the cornerstones to underpin our nurturing, family ethos, and the values that we focus on enable our children to become the most wonderful, well-rounded people, who are ready to have a positive impact on the world around them, now and in the future.

Our light and spacious school building provides a wonderful learning environment in which all of our children can flourish.

Our aim, above everything else, is to ensure that that Social, Emotional, and Mental Health needs are met for every child on a daily basis. We know that when children feel safe and secure, and have the right mind-set, they are more able to tackle the curriculum, learn to the best of their ability and truly flourish in their primary education.

We value all of God’s children and we know them as individuals; we tailor our teaching to their distinct needs and focus on helping each child acquire skills for the 21st century. The curriculum that we offer develops inquisitive learners who are fully engaged in lessons, have high aspirations for their own future and evaluate their individual progress along the way. Threaded through every aspect of our teaching are the hidden elements of the curriculum, which we believe are the most important skills for later life. We help our children to develop resourcefulness (the ability to organise one’s own learning), reflectiveness (the ability to think about and evaluate one’s own learning and the world around them), and resilience (the ability to try several strategies and skills in order to succeed, persevering and not giving up).

Our wider curriculum is exciting and allows children to learn from the past and understand how to apply their understanding in their own future. The classroom environments focus on helping children to achieve their personal best while providing challenge and support at all levels. Our school instils positive attitudes for learning: active listening behaviours and children being dynamically engaged in their own progress is a vital aspect for ensuring success for all. We care about others and are tolerant, we embrace challenge, we encourage each other and we include everyone.

If you would like to visit the school and meet our charming, confident, and respectful children, please do not hesitate to arrange an appointment – we would be delighted to welcome you to Goldsborough.

Mrs Zoe Ellis