Zoe Pickard Heateacher
Mrs Zoe Ellis
Federation Headteacher
Catherine Richards
Federation Assistant Headteacher
Zara Chantler
Federation SENCo
Mrs Brearton
Class One Teacher (EYFS) /Federation History and Geography Subject Coordinator
Mrs Bagshaw
Class Two Teacher / Federation Music Coordinator / Joint Federation Science Coordinator
Mrs Mason
PPA Cover for Class One and Class Two / General Teaching Assistant / Midday Supervisor / Breakfast Club Supervisor
Miss Nutter
General Teaching Assistant and Midday Supervisor / After School Lead Supervisor
Mrs Robson
Class Three Teacher (Thursday and Friday) / Federation R.E Subject Coordinator
Mrs Thompson
Class Three Teacher (Mon - Wed) / Federation Maths and DT Coordinator
Mrs Ashford
Class Four Teacher / Federation Art Coordinator
Mrs Wastling
General Teaching Assistant and Midday Supervisor
Mrs Clayton
Lunch Time Kitchen Service Lead / Breakfast Club / After School Club Supervisor
Mrs Brayshaw
Senior Lunch Time Supervisor / General Teaching Assistant
Mr Atkinson, Federation P.E Coach
Mr Atkinson
Federation P.E Coach (Teacher CPD and P.E Assessment)
Tracey Lee
Mrs Lee
School Administrator
Lucy Cartwight
Mrs Cartwight
General Teaching Assistant