Year 6 Residential Updates - Thursday 9th June

Thursday- Another brilliant day today. We split into groups and had the opportunity to explore the history of the area and head deep inside a lead mine. We then challenged oursevles by climbing in a quarry. We are all very happy and now a little tired and have had fun watching Mr Knipe try to light our BBQ!. It has stayed dry but it is very humid- perhaps the rain will fall on our way home tomorrow?

Wednesday- what a fabulous day we've had! We all made it up Catbells (the mountain that overlooks Derwent Water) It was hot and humid but there was not a single moan from anyone! The way in which everyone supported one another was fantastic. There was then a quick turn around and straight back out for ghyll scrambling. This took place at Honister Ghyll just outside Seatoller in Borrowdale. There was lots of laughter, everyone got soaking wet and there was lots of rainfall which just added to the fun. This evening, Y6 are having dinner together (we are staying in our own 'cottage annexe' of Hawse End and we have it all to ourselves!) and then we will have a talent show. We hope you're all having fun back at home and school!

Tuesday- after a smooth journey, our Y6s arrived safely at Hawse End to beautiful weather and very little breeze! Great news when spending a day on water but it did see off the sailing activity! Y6 spent the day on the beautiful Derwent Water in canoes and have had a fabulous day paddling around the shores and exploring the 'nooks and crannies' of the western edge of the lake. 

This evening has been spent on the beach beside the lake, building a fire and enjoying the sunset together. What a fantastic first day! 


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