African Holiday Project

While Year 4 have been at Bewerley Park, Year 5 and 6 have worked together in an epic project to finish off their half term's topic on Africa.

Their brief (see below) was extensive: in groups of three they had to plan an African holiday for themselves and a responsible adult with a budget of £8,000. Every aspect of their holiday had to be considered and explained in full on their finished posters.

After lengthy feedback to each other, pupils secretly voted on a winning team who demonstrated originality and organisation throughout the process.

There was some terrific teamwork and organisational skills shownby all pupils, and a real sense of purpose to their learning. Well done Year 5 and 6!


You have £8,000 to plan an African holiday for three children + one adult.
The holiday can take place any time in the summer holidays (July 22nd – September 3rd 2017) 

The holiday must:

  • Be at least a week long
  • Include at least one African country (see the map of safe countries to visit)
  • Involve three types of transport (e.g. aeroplane, bus, boat, train, hire car etc.)
  • Visit at least two different destinations (different towns, cities or countries)

The £8,000 budget should:

  • Cover the cost of travel and accommodation for the whole holiday
  • Consider enough money to buy food for the other days
  • Be used for local tourist visits (museums, parks etc.) 

You must present your holiday plans in a creative way on one sheet of A2 paper.
The finished presentation sheet must include:

  • A line graph (temperature and rainfall of your destinations could be useful)
  • A table of information
  • A map
  • Written text in different genres
  • Neatly-drawn diagrams or photographs or artwork
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