We hope you had a good week last week.  It was really lovely to be able to speak to some of you and your grown ups on the phone - we do miss you!  We have loved hearing about and seeing all of the wonderful pictures and videos of all the amazing activities you are doing at home too.

Everyone should have had a text this week with a log in for Charanga - the website we use for music.  We have made sure that you can access the Stop Bullying! song easily (thank you Broghan for requesting this) and there are lots of other great activities on there too.

We know how much you enjoy your maths challenges too so there is a link below for White Rose Maths.  There are some ideas here for some fun Easter Activities but also some videos and questions to explore on different topics.  These might be useful if you fancy a change from Power Maths.  Don't forget to have a look at EdShed for some online activities (Miss Nutter tells me Jack quite likes this one!)

Mrs Ellis has been posting all sorts of exciting Science and STEM activities on the school twitter page too.

Finally, there's a few extra links for you:

*Elaine Wickson sent us a digital postcard - see the article on the website;

*Chris Mould did a masterclass on how to draw the Iron Man (that's Mrs R's attempt above - I am so proud of myslef but I think I need more practise!); 

*SF Said read the first chapter of Varjak Paw (Imogen!) as part of a creative writing activity on radioblogging.net  (there's a different activity at 9:30 every morning);

*Cressida Cowell has been reading How to Train Your Dragon but she has also launched a competition for you to create your own dragon! (George B and Finnian!)

Remember, these are all just ideas to keep your super brains busy - we don't expect you to finish them all by lunchtime!  Keep smiling and don't eat too many Easter Treats!

Mrs R, MrsT and Miss M