Home learning Project 4

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about key animals they are interested in. Learning may focus on exploring the physical aspects of an animal, their habitat, categorising animals etc.

Animals and their Environment- Your child can describe how animals such as Emperor Penguins, chimpanzees and orcas have adapted to suit their environment. They can do this by writing a short summary after carrying out some research. After this, ask them to design a new wondrous animal that has evolved to suit its environment considering the environmental changes it has had to face over recent years.

Where Animals Originate From - Ask your child to locate on a world map where different animals originate from and research why they live in these environments. Things for them to consider when researching why they originally lived in these countries are:

Food sources




After doing this, ask them to think about how the animals they have selected have adapted so that they are able to live in the UK. Present your findings as a poster or in a PowerPoint presentation if they have access to a PC.

Life Cycles - Ask your child to research a mammal, an insect, an amphibian, a reptile and a bird. They can then choose one and draw the life cycle of an animal and label the diagram accordingly. How does the life cycle of the chosen animal differ to a human life cycle?

Animal Prints- Using a variety of media (this could be materials from around the house such as cloth, newspapers or magazines, felt, etc.), ask your child to create animal prints for a mammal, an insect, an amphibian, a reptile and a bird of their choice. After, they can create a collage of the animal prints they have made. They could always use a pencil or pen to sketch the animal prints!

I have been watching a great live Facebook/You Tube feed on a Wednesday morning by Steve Backshall. It is on at 9:30 and he answers the watchers questions about animals. I’m loving it and finding out so many new things about animals!