The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more food. Learning may focus on where different foods originate from, what makes a healthy meal, opportunities to cook etc.

Which Foods Contain the Most Sugar? Your child must choose a selection of food items from the food cupboard, fridge and freezer. They will then identify the nutritional label and record the amount of sugar that each food contains. Once they have gathered the information, ask them to record the sugar contents on a bar chart and evaluate the data. How will their findings change what they eat?

Plough to Plate- Ask your child to choose a food from any of the 6 main food groups. They will then locate the country/countries of origin on a world map and work out how far the food item travels to get to their plate. What could we do to reduce how many miles our food travels? 

Creative Creations- Cadburys are launching a new chocolate bar. Your child will create a criteria for Cadbury chocolate packaging by researching current Cadbury products. Once they have a criteria, they will use this to design their own packaging (they may want to do this on a computer if they have access to one). Finally, ask them to gather some feedback from the family about the design. They will use the feedback to adapt and refine the design. After creating the chocolate bar, your child can then compose a jingle that could be used in an advert. This could be created by using household items such as pots and pans or by using these virtual instruments.

Come Dine with Me - Your child is responsible for creating a three course meal for four family members. They need to create the recipes for a starter, main meal and dessert. Ask them to think about what ingredients they will need to make your recipe and write a shopping list of items. They will then research how much the ingredients will cost using a supermarket website of their choice. Where is the most cost effective place to buy the ingredients? They could then test out a recipe by making it for dinner that evening. Family members may even wish to score each course!

A Balanced Diet - Ask your child to think about the food a toddler might eat compared to an adult athlete. They will then choose five different types of people (e.g. a child, teenager, athlete, teacher etc.) and draw a plate of food that will ensure they are eating a healthy, balanced diet. Underneath each plate, they must justify why they have chosen these foods.