Ciao felice lunedi classe 4!

It was so wonderful to catch up with you all last week and to find out about all the fabulous activities you've been doing - even making reading corners in wardrobes - I love it!

I mentioned our English project,I hope you've had a look and made a start on the Talk for writing - it continues for this week too.Well done those who have a mention for TTRockstars and Readtheory, keep it up and I'm looking forward to seeing more names up there for next week.

Check out our science project and keep following the main activites listed below. 



Please click on the appropriate year group.

BBC Bitesize - I've included links below as an alternative to White Rose.


Talk For Writing Home-school Booklets - 2 week booklets (this is week 2)

Please use 

Year 6 - The Year 6's will use 'Doors - The World Of Possibility' as a stimulus for writing.

Both workbooks have comprehension and grammar activities, and the children can work through them at their own pace. In addition, there are links to recordings of the original stories so that the children can work independently.

Don't forget BBC Bitesize also has some great activities.


The Circulatory System

What is the circulatory system? What is in your blood? What are blood vessels? How does your heart work? How do your lungs work?

I would like you to research the questions above. The BBC website is a good place to start, but what can you find out about your body and how it works? How are you going to present your findings?

Be creative! You could make a PowerPoint, ‘Word’ report, Poster, Newspaper article, 3D model, piece of artwork or something else of your choosing. When you’re finished it would be great to see what you have been up to and share them on our Twitter page. Or email pictures to Mrs Sumner at school (the school email). 

Enjoy your week, challenge yourselves - do something new and I look forward to catching up soon.


Mrs Ashford & Mrs Greenin