Learning partnership minibus

Follifoot CE, Goldsborough CE, Sicklinghall CP and Spofforth CE schools are working together as a 'Collaborative Learning Partnership'.  Since September 2015 staff, governors and pupils have worked together on a number of joint initiatives.

Common Aims
Through collective responsibility we can ensure that all children in our schools receive the highest quality of education possible.

Through purposeful, considered and well planned partnership activities we aim to:

  • Support all schools with the recruitment, retention and training of the highest quality staff to best meet the needs of all pupils.
  • Provide pupils with high quality resources and learning opportunities which the individual schools could not facilitate on their own; for example our partnership mini bus and Urban Strides Street Dance Workshops.
  • Provide shared learning programmes for pupils that widen their experiences and effectively prepare them for the next stage of their learning.
  • Provide external support to challenge ourselves to continually improve thus strengthening the sustainability and viability of each school and improving the provision and outcomes for all our pupils.
  • Share expertise enabling us to successfully meet the demands of a rapidly changing educational climate and make efficient use of resources in an era of reduced funding.
  • Provide purposeful practice opportunities for leaders in their own schools and beyond.
  • Develop opportunities for all staff to experience leading across more than one school where it improves outcomes for pupils, achieves efficiencies and supports common development priorities.

Partnership Working Principles
The following principles in simple question form are applied to our partnership working.
1. How will this collaborative work/project help the children in the schools?
2. What is involved and expected in relation to undertaking this collaborative work?
3. What is the expected impact of this work?
4. What impact occurred and what has been learnt?
5. What changes could be made to further improve impact?

What has been achieved so far?

  • Pupils have accessed street dance workshops from international dance group Urban Strides.
  • The partnership has acquired its own mini bus.
  • Pupils have attended events jointly such as the North Yorkshire Pupil Voice Conference.
  • The Head teachers have provided support and challenge to each other through joint monitoring and evaluation and peer review.
  • Staff have established effective termly meetings to discuss issues relevant to the phases they teach.
  • Staff have supported each other with moderating teacher assessment judgements.
  • Staff from all schools have received joint training on a number of areas including lesson study and meeting the need of vulnerable learners.
  • The SENDCOs have worked together developing improved provision maps and training for staff on the new SEND code of practice.

If you would like further information regarding our partnership working or would like to make a suggestion please do not hesitate to contact either Headteacher via the appropriate school office.

Learning Partnership Latest News

We are delighted to have entered into a 5 year lease of a brand new minibus, in partnership with Follifoot, Spofforth and Sicklinghall Schools. The staff of all four schools already work together on curriculum projects and monitoring of pupil progress and it is this joint working that has enabled the schools to work together in securing this exciting resource. Please see attached documents for further information about our minibus, the regulations set up around its use and the policy statement agreed in all four schools.

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