We decided to host an alternative Valentines event called 'Love in the Community'. Our aim was to invite some of our more elderly members of the community who may feel lonely at times. 

The children welcomed our guests with two songs that they sang acapella - one from Collective Worship (Thank you to God) and a special song they learned when the Mighty Zulu Nation visited. It was so wonderful that it gave our visitors goosebumps.

The children and visitors then shared 'elevenses' - tea and cake for the adults and chatted about their interests. The children moved tables after 10 minutes so that they could speak to everyone. 

The children had made our guests Positive Affirmation cards with messages on them similar to those on our weekly Ethos Statements. Our guests loved them! Reverend Stroma took the spare postcards to the church as there was a wedding there the next Saturday. These were placed in the pews and the wedding party commented that it was a very special addition to their wedding day.