Sicklinghall Primary School buidings

A school's governing board (formerly called the governing body) is made up of members of the local community, the diocese (for Church schools) and parents/carers at the school.

Following a period of formal collaboration, Goldsborough CE Primary School entered into a formal federation with Sicklinghall CP School. Federation means that the two schools are governed by one body of elected or co-opted officials.

The schools retain their individual identities and run separate budgets but strategic decisions and monitoring of both schools' effectiveness is now governed by one board, made up of 13 governors (including the Headteacher).

Governors have a responsibility for the strategic direction for the school and for the federation and provide support and challenge to the Headteacher.

The federation's governing board meet each term and monitor the development and performance of the school in two committees, the Finance and Premises Committee and the School Improvement Committee. Minutes of governing board meetings are public and are available to read in the school office.