group of children in church
Sing for the King, 7 May 2023

The King's Choir from Goldsborough CE Primary School showcased their exceptional talent and devotion as they took centre stage at St Mary's Church to commemorate the Coronation of King Charles III.

Led by Mrs Askew, the choir's angelic voices filled the sacred space, creating an enchanting atmosphere that touched the hearts of all in attendance. Their harmonies resonated with the spirit of the occasion, honouring the historical significance of the Coronation.

Alongside the choir, a few other attendees from school participated in the family service by reading special prayers alongside the Headteacher, Mrs. Ellis. Their heartfelt words added a profound sense of unity and reverence to the event. Meanwhile, the remaining students channelled their artistic skills and created captivating King Charles-themed artwork, which adorned the windowsills of the church, further immersing the congregation in the spirit of the Coronation.

The entire event was a testament to the special relationship between School and the Church community and their collective commitment to fostering creativity and reverence among its students, ensuring a memorable and meaningful celebration.