Goldsborough’s school uniform colours are yellow and black with dark grey trousers or skirts/dresses.

A range of sweatshirts, fleeces, polo shirts, P.E. shirts and other items such as caps and winter hats are available from School and Dance Shop (formerly Broadbank and Empson) school uniform shop on Chapel Street in Knaresborough. Generic items, such as skirts, dresses, trousers and shorts are available at supermarkets and at other school uniform retailers in the area.

  • School Uniform Price List (as at May 2021)
  • Embroidered sweatshirt up to Age 13yrs £14.90
  • Embroidered sweatshirt Small + £15.80
  • Embroidered cardigan up to Age 13yrs £14.90
  • Embroidered cardigan Small + £17.00
  • Embroidered white polo shirt up to 32” £10.50
  • Embroidered white polo shirt 34”+ £12.30
  • Embroidered bookbag £9.70 (Reception to Year 1)
  • Embroidered document bag £13.00 (Years 2 to 6)

School Uniform Requirements

1. Black or yellow round neck embroidered school sweatshirt.

2. Black embroidered school cardigan or plain black cardigan.

3. White embroidered school polo shirt or plain white polo shirt.

4. Dark grey trousers, pinafore style dress or skirts for girls. Yellow

summer dresses may be worn.

5. Dark grey trousers or shorts for boys.

6. Skirts and dresses accompanied by white socks.

7. Shorts and trousers accompanied by plain black socks.

8. Plain black school shoes.

PE Kit

1. White embroidered school t-shirt or plain white t-shirt £8.50.

2. Black shorts £6.40.

3. Plain jogging/ tracksuit bottoms for outdoor PE.

4. PE hoodie £18.70.

5. Plimsolls with velcro fastening £6.60.

Additional Equipment

  • A named book bag for reading books, letters home, etc. £9.70 (Reception to Year 1).
  • Document bag with strap £13.00 (Years 2 to 6).
  • A P.E. bag that is clearly named £9.70.
  • Wellington boots are also useful for the winter months.