Good Morning Class 3! We hope you are all keeping out of mischief, being nice to your grown ups and reading lots and lots. Here are some ideas of activities you might like to try this week.

Project & English

This week's project work is linked to our big question in RE this half term: Why do some people say that life is like a journey and what experiences mark this?

That is a very big question! So here are some ideas for you to try (you don't have to do them all).There are documents below with more information.

1. If you're a bit fed up with being at home, why not have a go at a Google Trek?  You could visit the Pyramids, the Burj Khalifa, the Amazon Rainforest, the Great Barrier Reef and more!  

2. Weddings are big experiences in life's journeys and our lovely Miss Mason had to postpone her wedding in the Easter Holidays.  Why don't you plan a new one for her? 

3. Would you like a reason to ring some family members for a chat?  Why not create a questionnaire and investigate weddings or christenings which your family have been to?


BBC Bitesize and White Rose Maths are now both up and running and they are covering the same topics at the same time which means there are loads of great resources for us to use!  There will be 5 lessons, one for each day of the week.  They will mainly go over things that we have covered in class already so hopefully you will feel a little bit confident in having a go at them.  There are lots of different activities, which is great because we all learn in different ways, so we are sure that you will find something that works for you. 

For both Years 4 and 5 the focus this week is Multiplication, Division, Perimeter and Area.  Remember to set your calculations out carefully on paper, thinking about lining up those columns of hundreds, tens and ones.

White Rose Maths 

Please use the Summer Term, Week 3 links (at the top of the screen).  The final question each day is a real challenge, please don't worry if you find this tricky!

BBC Bitesize

Lessons are organised by year group and day.  Select your year group and click start a lesson, this will then take you to that day's lesson (and all of the ones which have gone before).


Keep going

You are doing tremendously well!  We smashed TTRockstars this week and Read Theory - keep doing these little and often!  We can see all the hard work you are doing on EdShed and it is lovely to hear about you enjoying Espresso Coding too.  Make sure you are getting outside and burning off some energy -   there's a challenge attached to help you to create a mini-workout.  

We love catching up with you when we call and the photos and work you send us in to Twitter @GS_Federation or by email really do raise our spirits and make us smile.

Take care and stay safe

Mrs R, Mrs T and Miss M