I hope everyone has had a restful Easter holiday and has made the most of having extra time with family.

We have outlined a few more tasks for English, Maths and topic to keep you going with the ‘Home Learning’. Please share your work with us on our Twitter account @GSFederation or via the school email account [email protected].


Please use https://mailchi.mp/talk4writing/home-school-booklets. There are English booklets created for each year group.

Year 4 - The Year 4s will have a text called ‘King of Fishes’ and a workbook that will guide them through analysing the story, before creating their own adapted version.

Year 5 – The Year 5s will create their own text based on the story ‘Jumanji’.

Both workbooks have comprehension and grammar activities, and the children can work through them at their own pace. In addition, there are links to recordings of the original stories so that the children can work independently.

The booklets may form their English for the next two weeks.


Please access https://www.mathematicsmastery.org/free-resources and download the relevant year group file. There is a guidance pack for parents, and a pupil pack. Each maths lesson is up to 30m long, and involves a talk task with an adult, then independent work.

Weeks 1-4 look at number and calculations

Weeks 5-9 look at shape, space and measures

The children should be familiar with the representations shown, i.e. Dienes is when place value is represented by squares, lines and dots (see gallery). The activities are recapping work we have previously covered in class, so shouldn’t be anything that they are unfamiliar with.

We are all very much missing the children and their enthusiasm for learning. We would love to see some of their stories or achievements on out Twitter page @GSFederation